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ASSIGMENTS for Honours Level Course in Resource Mapping (GIS) BCB710 - 2006

These are all the Assignments and Examination for the course Geographical Information Systems (Honours) 2006. There are five and you are required to complete all five to make up your Year Mark which counts 50%.

Please make sure that your Name and Student Number is clearly indicated on all submitted document. Please name your file with the following convention

Initial_Surname_GIS_2006_assignment_x (so for me it would be R_Knight_GIS_2006_assignment_1 for my first assignment)

Submitting assignments:

Print a hard copy and hand in directly to Richard Knight PLUS email the document electronically to

Use the heading "GIS_2006_assignment_x" (where x is 1, 2, 3, etc for the first, second and third assignment respectively)


upload via ftp to the following directory