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Assignment 2: Map Projections



Closing Date



Please go through the Chapter 1 "Maps, Map Projections and Reading Maps".

Using the Java Applet located at

Prepare 10 projections and describe what variables you used (Projection, Map centre, East angle, North Angle and Direction). In addition describe how the projection has been distorted with respect to distance, area, shape and direction. Use the Squares to see how these parameters have been distorted In addition please use your print screen and a paint program to clip each image you have generated and insert in your report with a comprehensive caption below the screen capture.

Print a hard copy and hand in directly to Richard Knight PLUS email the document electronically to (with the heading "GIS_2006_assignment_2")

Document name: Initial_Surname_GIS_2006_assignment_2


upload via ftp to the following directory