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Assignment 3: Reviewing Maptrix - Teaching Spatial Thinking at schools



Closing Date



Please go through the Chapter "Maps, Map Projections and Reading Maps".

Discuss what information can you obtain from a 1:50 000 toposheets (both the information as presented on the map plus its position, projection and any spatial and non-spatial information. Once finishing this report discuss how this information could be better presented using a GIS and what features and information would be more easily obtained by using such a system. (approximately 1000 words).

During the practical you will be evaluating the existing hard copy of the teaching resource Maptrix and the in development electronic version of it, developed using Shockwave.

Please visit and go through some of the material as preparation for the practical. In addition material has been put into the following folder

The second part is to develop an assessment for the electronic version of Maptrix, which the Pretoria learner will assess it.

Print a hard copy and hand in directly to Richard Knight PLUS Email the document electronically to (with the heading "GIS_2006_assignment_3")

Document name: Initial_Surname_GIS_2006_assignment_3


upload via ftp to the following directory