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Assignment 4: Reviewing a Web Map Service (WMS) Application



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The following Web Map Service was developed by myself and ongoing work has be done by Martin Cocks. There is a tutorial at the following URL to help you learn to use this system.

When using the you will need to actually complete a form and ensure that your pop-up blocker is not activated)

Once you have thoroughly reviewed the above site please select randomly from the site listed below to examine one other web map site in order to make comparisons between our own BGIS Web Map Service and other organizations and software developers.

This is a registry of the best web map services around world. You can search for your area of interest (note some might not been in English!)


This is another searchable registry of some cool web map services - many of which are OGC compliant (yes you will need to look up what OGC is all about!)

Prepare a 1000 plus review comparing the two web map services with respect to how well they deliver spatial information via the Internet? How easy are they to use and finally what sort of data is available from them?

Finally assess whether the organization successfully deployed its web map service to its core services.

Print a hard copy and hand in directly to Richard Knight PLUS Email the document electronically to (with the heading "GIS_2006_assignment_4")

Document name: Initial_Surname_GIS_2006_assignment_4


upload via ftp to the following directory