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The purpose of this book is to provide an overview of the issues and requirements for implementing and applying geographic information systems technology.

The book is intended to provide resource specialists and managers with an exposure to GIS technology and terminology, so that papers, applications, and exhibits on GIS will be more understandable and useful in the future. This book presents a substantial amount of GIS theory, and a whole bunch of buzzwords, but is also supplemented with relevant forestry based applications to illustrate the concepts and techniques for applying GIS technology.

The focus of this book is on practical issues concerned with the implementation and application of GIS technology. This book is directed at the resource specialist and/or manager who has had limited exposure to GIS. It is intended purely as an introductory text with an emphasis on identifying and clearly illustrating primitive concepts in geographic information system applications.

Hopefully, with this approach in mind the confusion and mystique that often surrounds GIS can be clarified, resulting in an understandable framework for the successful evaluation, implementation, and application of GIS technology.

This book is based purely on practical experience of the author and in no way should be construed as a comprehensive statement on GIS. References are provided at the back of the book for further reading and detail.

Important points or quotes are identified throughout the book by bold text. Italics are used throughout the text to identify technical terms that imply something other that their conventional meaning.

Any comments or suggestions on the content or format of this book are welcome. Please send any comments to "".

Enjoy !