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David J. Buckley

Corporate GIS Solutions Manager
Pacific Meridian Resources, Inc.

David Buckley is the Corporate GIS Soluions Manager for Pacific Meridian Resources, Inc. (PMR), a firm dedicated to providing responsible GIS implementation and application solutions for a wide range of land related management disciplines.

Mr. Buckley is considered a leading GIS implementation and application consultant throughout North America consulting to government agencies, hardware vendors, software vendors, and private industry. Mr. Buckley is well versed in the issues critical to proper GIS implementation and responsible application development. His senior consulting experience provides the necessary background and ability to understand and act upon the business requirements of an organization, and to place information systems and resources in their appropriate context with respect to the goals and objectives of those organizations. Specifically, Mr. Buckley has several years experience applying GIS technology to operational forest management issues and problems within government and the private sector in Canada and the United States.

Mr. Buckley has managed and participated in projects that focus on integrating custom modeling domain requirements utilizing GIS technologies. Specific examples include integrated resource planning, forest inventory management, forest fire modeling, environmental impact assessments, ecosystem simulation modeling, atmospheric dispersion modeling, among others. In his role as the principal GIS consultant at IGIS he has developed significant expertise focused on the integration and application of commercial GIS software platforms into operational working environments.

Mr. Buckley has also conducted numerous workshops and seminars on GIS technology for both public and private sector audiences. This has included the publication of an introduction to GIS book entitled The GIS Primer. Mr. Buckley is a frequent presenter at GIS conferences and symposiums throughout North America. He has numerous publications in industry journals focusing on the successful and cost effective application of GIS technologies.

David J. Buckley,

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