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Vatican City

This European microstate is the smallest independent nation in the world. This tiny state, about 44 hectares is totally enclosed in Rome, Italy. It is govern by the Pope, which is the head of the Roman Catholic Church. It is regarded as holy because the first church, the Constantine basilica which were build in 326AD was build over the tomb of Saint Peter, a disciple of Jesus ( From then onwards the Vatican City became more populated and now its members are more than 1 billion (CIA Fact book:

Geographical feature: 41˚ 54′ N, 12˚ 27′ E,

75 meters above sea level

Figure 4.1: Represent Europe and North Africa.

Figure 4.2: The smallest state, the Vatican City alongside Rome in Italy.

Figure 4.3: The borders of the Vatican City in relation with Rome

Figure 4.4: The whole Vatican State and City.