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Bodh Gaya or Bodhgaya

Bodh Gaya, a World Heritage Site is the place where Buddha received his enlightment. This holy place is 96 km from Patna in the state of Bihar, India. The Bodh Gaya complex host the Mahabodhi Temple also called the "Vajrasana" and the holy Bodhi tree which was built over 2500 years ago. For Buddhists, Bodh Gaya is the holiest among three other places which form the pillars of Buddhism (

Figure 8.1: Bodh Gaya in the Bihar Province of India.

Figure 8.2: Bodh Gaya in relation with other major cities in India

Figure 8.3: The city of Bodh Gaya

Figure 8.4: A different view of the city, Bodh Gaya.