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Co-ordinates: 29°58′38″N, 31°07′57″E

Orientation: North

Altitude: 14392 feet

Info: The great pyramid of Giza is the one located further north and to the right. In this image it is the whiter of the two pyramids. The orange coloured one is the Pyramid of Khafre.

Co-ordinates: 29°58′32″N, 31°07′52″E

Orientation: North North West

Altitude: 6374 feet

Info: The Giza Plateau is visible bordering Cairo, Egypt

Co-ordinates: 29°58′35″N, 31°07′42″E

Orientation: East

Altitude: 2527 feet

Info: In this image the all 3 main pyramids which make up The Great Pyramids of Giza can be seen. These include The Great pyramid (Pyramid of Khufu) the one furthest to the left and highest up, The pyramid of Khafre (in the center) and The pyramid of Menkaure (on the right). The large pyramids are surrounded by smaller satellite pyramids which were occupied by family members.

Co-ordinates: 29°58′38″N, 31°07′56″E

Orientation: North

Altitude: 11.89 miles

Info: picture showing the Giza plateau where the great pyramids and sphinx are located in El-Giza, Cairo.