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Co-ordinates: 37°58′27″N, 23°43′39″E

Orientation: North

Altitude: 6995 feet

Info: the Acropolis located in the centre of the image and the surrounding area of Athens.

Co-ordinates: 37°58′15″N, 23°43′35″E

Orientation: North

Altitude: 1831 feet

Info: top view of the Acropolis, Theatre of Herodes Atticus is the semi-circular structure located to the lower left corner of the acropolis

Co-ordinates: 37°58′19″N, 23°43′34″E

Orientation: South

Altitude: 1443 feet

Info: in this image it is possible to see that the acropolis was built on a hill

Co-ordinates:37°58′19″N, 23°43′34″E

Orientation: West

Altitude: 1443 feet

Info: same altitude as the previous image but taken at a slight angle which also shows the elevation of the acropolis from the surrounding flat areas.