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Co-ordinates: 48°50′27″N, 2°18′24″E

Orientation: North

Altitude: 15 636 feet

Info: this image orientates the Eiffel tower in relation to the rest of Paris. At this height the tower is not easy to see but the Champ De Mars (in front of tower) is quite visible. What looks like a green road behind the Eiffel tower complex is actually the River Seine.

Co-ordinates: 48°51′27″N, 2°17′42″E

Orientation: North West

Altitude: 1340 feet

Info: a clear view of the Eifffel tower and the Champ de Mars, boats can be seen in the Seine River

Co-ordinates: 48°51′29″N, 2°17′39″E

Orientation: North

Altitude: 3401 feet

Info: a top view of the tower in the center the Champ De Mars in front of it and the River Seine with a bridge road leading to the Trocadéro gardens and the Palais de Chaillot behind the tower.

Co-ordinates: 48°51′29″N, 2°17′39″E

Orientation: North

Altitude: 489 feet

Info: a close up of the Eiffel tower, visitors can be seen entering below and standing in the tower itself