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Co-ordinates: 13°48′54″N, 73°10′14″W

Orientation: East

Altitude: 405.79 miles

Info: shows where Machu pichu is in Peru

Co-ordinates: 13°09′09″N, 72°34′05″W

Orientation: East

Altitude: 13.97 miles

Info: from this altitude the Urubamba Valley becomes visible

Co-ordinates: 13°09′46″N, 72°30′56″W

Orientation: North

Altitude: 35173 miles

Info: from this altitude you can tell that Machu picchu is on a high mountain ridge above Urubamba Valley. The Urubamba River on the valley floor can be seen. To the West of Machu Picchu is the zig zagging Hiram Bingham Highway used by buses carrying tourists to and from the town of Aguas Calientes.

Co-ordinates: 13°09′34″N, 73°31′14″W

Orientation: East

Altitude: 14436 ft

Info: hear the town of Aguas Calientes can be seen (north west of Machu Picchu). Note: could not get a clear closeup image of Machu Picchu itself.