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The longest rivers in the continents.


A river is a huge naturally made water path. There are no artificial rivers in the world, they are all naturally made. A continent is a very large piece of land surrounded by water. The world is made up of seven continents and all these continents have some great rivers of their own.

The object is to look at the significance these rivers have in their continents. How are the people benefiting and what they are doing to preserve these rivers.

The Nile Just South of Aswan

The Nile is the longest river in the world. It is found in Egypt and it is the longest river in the continent Africa. Three rivers flow into the Nile and they serve as its source: The Blue Nile, the White Nile and the Arbara. The length of the Nile River is 6695 km (4184 miles). Nile flows through the nine countries, some large cities and dams. Its flow rate is about 300 million cubic litres per year. It flows from the mountains in the south to the Mediterranean in the north.

Everyday millions of people visit the Nile River for some different reasons. The first reason which attracts millions of people is tourism. This river has some luxury cruisers and traditional sailing boats which are always moving up and down the Nile.

Farming is another significant importance of this river. There are lot of farms next to the river Nile and these farms produces lot of products like rice and wheat which upgrades the economy. Apart from farming economy is also increased by the fishing because every year tonnes of fish are produced from this river. Nile has an important role in interpreting the role in founding the civilization of the Egyptians. It has also played a role in politics, religious and social life. We have a lot about Pharaohs and the Nile in the bible where it was acting as a source of spiritual dimension.

Image 1

Image one is showing the Nile River viewing it from the North West direction. Its coordinates are 23˚ 08' 28 20˚ N 29˚ 38' 10. 24˚ E. 2 dimension was used.

Image 2

This image is representing the Nile from the south west direction where a three dimension was used.

25˚ 50' 10. 78˚ N 29˚ 37' 42. 34˚ E

Image 3

The direction used when taking this image is the south east direction and the river was zoomed out.

25˚ 51 1' 6. 90˚ N 30˚ 55' 01. 58˚ E

Image 4

The image represents a Nile river viewed on the north east direction.

25˚ 21' 38. 98˚ N 32˚ 10' 13. 49˚ E