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The Amazon River

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Amazon River is the greatest river in the in the world but it is the second longest river in the world. It is found in the South American continent. It has the highest amount of water flowing down its banks even though it is the longest river it is still the widest river. Callillon, Peru is the greatest source of the Amazon River which is found in North Eastern Brazil. Amazon collects water from 40 percent of South America's Landmass. The length of this river is about 6280 km long.

Amazon River is also a habitat of many aquatic animals. This is the only place in the world where we can get a catfish weighing about 200 pounds. Anacondas and Piranha are found in this river.

The flow direction is from west to east.

Image 1

This image is representing the Amazon River viewed from the north east direction using two dimensions.

2˚ 48' 54. 20˚ S 55˚ 39' 26. 39˚ W

Image represents Amazon River viewed from the north east direction using three dimensions.

2˚ 50' 10. 16˚ S 55˚ 38' 59. 18˚ W

Amazon River is zoomed out in this image.

4˚ 20' 54. 35˚ S 56˚ 03' 57. 46˚ W

This is a closer observation of the water inside the Amazon River.

1˚ 30' 58. 21˚ S 54˚ 47' 37. 37 ˚ W