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The Mississippi River

The source of the Mississippi River on the edge of Lake Itasca

The Mississippi river is the longest river in the North America continent and in the world it is the fourth longest. Its source is on the edge of Lake Itasca State Park located in Clearwater. The length of this river is about 6,270 km. It is used for habitat diversity and biological productivity for aquatic animals.

The direction flow is in the north and east,

The direction from which this image was taken is North East.

32˚ 41' 26. 14˚ N 90˚ 13' 56. 97˚ W

This is the image of Mississippi river taken on the North West River using three dimensions.

32˚ 39' 42. 88˚ N 90˚ 15' 51. 06˚ W

The south west direction is used together with two dimensions.

32˚ 39' 43. 02˚ N 90˚ 15' 51. 32˚ W

This image represents this river on the east south direction using two dimensions.

32˚ 38' 46. 18 ˚ N 90˚ 17' 31. 30˚ W