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The Murray River

Cliffs along the Murray River, near Younghusband, South Australia, with a houseboat on the right and an Australian pelican in the foreground

Murray Darling is the longest river in the continent Australia. The length of this river is about 2, 575 kilometres. It consists of a variety of indigenous fishes. The studies show that the well being of Murray River is declining due to pollution. Most of the species living in this river are threatened.

Drought is also another serious factor threatening this river. Introduction of some non- native species like fishes is also having a negative impact on the river.

Direction: North East and this image is zoomed out.

34˚ 03' 06. 95˚ S 140˚ 50' 37. 96˚ E

Direction: South West and the image was captured using three dimension.

34˚ 00' 56. 32˚ S 140˚ 48' 59. 21˚ E

Direction: North East, the picture was zoomed in.

34˚ 02' 39. 72 ˚ S 140˚ 47 '41. 21˚ E

Direction: North West and two dimension used.

34˚ 02'39. 73˚ S 140˚ 47'41. 58˚ E