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1. Great Salt Lake

It is locate in the recreational area in the western part of the desert. This lake is the largest lake in the USA, it found in the western part of Mississippi river. It has been suggested as the 4th largest lake in the world with no outlet. Water in the lake is composed of minerals that make the water to be saltier.

Minerals that are found in this lake are sodium chloride, magnesium, potassium and sulphate. This element was suggested to constitute about 4.9 millions tons of salt that are present in the water. And it get surplus of this elements from surface and ground-water flow annually and it was suggested that about 2.2 million tons enters the lake annually. It plays a role in supporting the industry with salt supply. This lake as it was indicated that it found in the recreational are it support most of the aquatic sport than other lakes.

Image 1

Image of Great Salt Lake, is taken in 2D dimension. The image is captured with the compass facing North east in the co-ordinates of 41° 24´23.74˝ N 112°19´13.48˝ W. the image shows the location of Great salt lake in the globe.

Image 2

Image 2 was taken using 3D dimension; it shows the width of the lake and the area surrounding it. The image was taken when the compass face North West in the co-ordinates of 41° 32´ 09.61˝ N and 112° 29´ 47.38˝ W.

Image 3

Image 3 shows the feature surrounding the lake, sand dunes of the desert around the lake. The image is also taken using 3D dimension to show the accurate features. It was taken in the direction of North West with the co-ordinates of 40° 43´ 18.96˝ N and 112° 11´ 54.63˝ west.

Image 4

Image 4 shows the coverage of the lake in 3D dimension. It was also taken with the compass facing North West with the co-ordinates of 40° 52´ 54.14˝ N and 112° 16´ 10.30˝ W.