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2. Great Bear Lake

It is situated in the Arctic Circle in the north west of Canada. This lake covers the area of about 31328 km2 and is 320 km long. It have the width of about 175, this lake was also suggested to be the deepest lake in the world around 413 m deep. It drains water by Mackenzie River in the south west part. As the area it is situated it can freeze for about 8 months of the year mostly on July.

Image 1

Image 1 of Great Bear Lake in 2D dimension shows the location of the lake how close it is with the sea. It was taken with the compass facing North West in co-ordinates of 64° 43´ 34.18˝ n and 115° 47´ 11.98˝ W.

Image 2

Image 2 was also taken in 2D dimension but with better view that can show the coverage of the lake. The image was taken with the compass facing south west in the co-ordinates of 65° 59´ 43.06˝ N and 121° 35´ 41.76˝ W.

Image 3

Image 3 shows the coverage of the lake it was taken in 3D dimension. The image also covers the feature surrounding the lake like swamps in the Great Bear Lake. It was taken with the compass facing North West in a co-ordinates of 66° 06´ 11.22˝ N and 117° 46´ 07.92˝ W


Image 4 shows the tributaries that supply the lake with water. The image is taken in 3D dimension that can cover the features around the lake. with the compass facing North east in the co-ordinates of 66° 08´ 56.01˝ N and 124° 08´ 48.24´ W.