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Lubisi dam

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Lubisi dam is one of the dams found in Lubisi area in Cape Province. This dam was built in 1968 near Mount Arthur Range about 20km. The dam provides the communities such as Mtyhintinmin and Qamata irrigation schemes with water.


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Image 1

Lubisi dam photo facing the north direction taken using the north direction. Co-ordinates: 31˚45˚05.50˝S 27˚24˚52.64˝E

Image 2

This photo is taken at the western side of Lubisi dam facing the north east direction. Co-ordinates: 31˚46˚04.29˝S 27˚24˚51.86˝S

Image 3

Photo of Lubisi dam taken at the western side facing the north-east direction. Co-ordinates: 31˚47˚03.20˝S 27˚24˚21.16˝E

Image 4

Photo of Lubisi dam facing at the East direction using 3D. Co-ordinates: 31˚49˚33.38˝S 27˚29˚03.84˝E