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A. lake Baikal

Lake Baikal is found in Russia, it is considered to be the world largest and the deepest world wide. 20% of fresh water in the world is found in this lake. The whole of Russia obtained 90% of fresh liquid water. Lake Baikal provide a quite a number of fishes of which they are sold around the country. [2]

Lake Baikal. Winter Baikal. Baikal's hummocks.

This image was taken from the reference below:

Lake Baikal: Image

This image shows the lake stretching towards north-east direction. The image was taken towards north-east using the 3-D.

Co-ordinates: 54° 33' 44,92˝ N 180° 32' 36,03˝ E

Lake Baikal: Image 2

This image shows the width of the lake Baikal from west to the east, the image was taken facing the north using the 3-D.

Co-ordinates: 55°04'30,12˝ N 108°16'52,43˝ E

Lake Baikal: Image 3

The image shows the north western part of the lake, surrounded by small mountains and open land space. The image was taken facing north the 3-d.

Co-ordinates: 55°14'37,13˝N 108° 01'39,91˝E

Lake Baikal: Image 4

The image was taken facing north and it shows the stretch of the lake and the surrounding mountains. The image was taken facing north-east direction using the 2-D.

Co-ordinates: 54°58'46,38˝N 108°42'22,20˝E