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B. lake Chad

Lake Chad is found in Chad, Africa and it is ranked number four, the largest body of water in Africa. It is a shallow lake which provides fresh water to about 20 million people in surrounding six countries. [3]

This image was taken from the reference below:

Lake Chad: Image 1

The image shows the appearance of the lake, which look like a dam due to its shrunk because of climate changes. The image was taken using the 3-Dimensions and it was taken facing north.

Co-ordinates: 14° 14' 46,82˝N 14°26'13,03˝E

Lake Chad: Image 2

Image taken using 3-dimensions and was taken facing north.

Co-ordinates: 13°52'43,98˝N 14° 29' 38, 96˝E

Lake Chad: Image 3

The image was taken facing north and the big portion of the lake is on the south-eastern part using the 2-d.

Co-ordinates: 13° 24'25, 24˝N 14°29'28,14˝E

Lake Chad: Image 4

Lake Chad is seen very closely from the side; the image was taken facing north while the huge part of the lake on the eastern side using the 3-d

Co-ordinates: 13°46'40,98˝ N 14°29'28,14˝E