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D. Lake great slave

Great Slave Lake is found in Canada, USA and it is the second largest in the territories. It is 614 meters deep which makes it to be the deepest lake in North America. It is about 480 kilometres long. The main tributaries are hay and Slave Rivers, whereas Mackenzie River is the main drainage. The lake plays a role in the in the shipping of goods and fuel to the diamonds mines which are found in the Northwest Territories. [5]

This image was taken from the reference below:

Lake great slave: Image 1

Great Slave Lake is seen on 3-D, image taken facing the north.

Co-ordinates: 62°13' 30,23˝ N 114°38' 09,60˝W

Lake great slave: Image 2

Great Slave Lake is seen with its tributaries on the northern part. Image taken facing north, the large water bodies extend towards the east using the 3-D.

Co-ordinates: 61°59' 56,49˝ N 114°58' 53,17˝W

Lake great slave: Image 3

Image taken from the above, using the 2-D. image taken facing the northern direction.

Co-ordinates: 62°26' 35,96˝ N 113°10' 54,06˝W

Lake great slave: Image 4

Image was taken from the above using 2-D and it was taken facing north.

Co-ordinates: 61°34' 25,45˝ N 113° 58' 51,21˝ W