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E. Lake Issyk-Kul

Issyk-kul lake is located north western Kyrgyzstan, it is about 182 kilometres long and 702 metres deep. It is found in the mountainous area and it is the second largest lake found in mountain. The lake does not freeze during winter and is to some extent saline. The lake does not have an outlet and fed by snow melt off and springs. The lake is associated with believes and explanations of how the Islamic legend fell. It is said that the king had some secrets which one of his barber yelled the secrets into the well and did not cover the well after, and then the kingdom was flooded as the water rose. It is believed that the kingdom is under water of issyk-kul. [6]

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This image was taken from the reference below:

Lake Issyk-Kul Image 1

Image was taken facing north, using 3-dimensions using the 3-D.

Co-ordinates: 43°13' 26,18˝ N 77°06' 28,29˝ E

Lake Issyk-Kul: Image 2

Image was taken facing north using 3-D.

Co-ordinates: 43°50' 18,16˝ N 77°06' 10,61˝ E

Lake Issyk-Kul: Image 3

Image was taken facing north using 3-D.

Co-ordinates: 44°08' 36,05˝ N 77°06' 01,70˝ E

Lake Issyk-Kul: Image 4

Image was taken facing north using the 3-D.

Co-ordinates: 44°17' 12,02˝ N 77° 41' 01, 69˝ E