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H. Tanganyika

Lake Tanganyika is situated in Tanzania, Africa. It extends from north to south. It is about 670 kilometres and 1,470 metres deep. It is the longest in the world, the second deepest and the second largest of African lakes. It is surrounded by poorly developed coastal mountains. [9]

This image was taken from the reference below:

Lake Tanganyika:Image 1

Image taken facing north-east using the 3-D.


Co-ordinates: 7°27' 54,66˝ S 30°59' 07,16˝ E

Lake Tanganyika:Image 2

Image taken facing north and image taken using 3-D. on the western side are seen some small mountains.

Co-ordinates: 7°38' 44,18˝ S 30°58' 56,57˝ E

Lake Tanganyika:Image 3

The image was taken facing north and it was taken using 3-D in order to have a view on the extension of the lake.

Co-ordinates: 7°32' 12,37˝ S 30°40' 22,17˝ E

Lake Tanganyika: Image 4

The image shows the lake extending from the north to the south, image taken from the above facing north. The image shows poorly developed mountains using the 3-D.

Co-ordinates: 7°33' 07,03˝ S 30°29' 29,16˝ E