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J. Lake Urmia

Lake Urmia is about 140 kilometres long and 55 kilometres wide and is the largest inside Iran. In terms of its depth it is about 16 metres deep. The lake is characterised by small islands made of rocks. The lake divides two major cities which are Urmia and Tabriz. [11]

Lake Urmia: Image 1

The image was taken from the southern side facing north using the 3-D.

Co-ordinates: 37°30' 34,03˝ N 45°29' 55,70˝ E

Lake Urmia: Image 2

Lake Urmia is seen stretching from the north to the south. Image was taken lowly above facing north using the 2-D.

Co-ordinates: 37°30' 23, 95˝ N 45°29' 56, 01˝ E

Lake Urmia: Image 3

The image shows that the large part of the lake on the southern part. Image was taken facing south east using the 2-D.

Co-ordinates: 37°39' 26,56˝ N 45°26' 55,57˝ E

Lake Urmia: Image 4

Lake Urmia zooming from the above, this image was taken facing east using the 2-D.

Co-ordinates: 37°39' 28,32˝ N 45°27'39,33˝E