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Some of the people saw stadium as place of soccer only. Stadiums are not built for soccer only. Most of the stadiums can be used by tourists. Just because some of the stadiums are beautiful and attract tourists to visit that stadium which lead the economy of the area to grow. For example, Modern Arena stadium is no longer hosting only the football events but the stadium itself works as an attraction of tourists. Most of the inside of stadium has many different facilities like conferences hall, training sessions as well as the town hall meetings. The purpose of stadium is to give shelter to the supporters of a team.

The main objectives to select stadium is because the stadium reduced the standard of crime. This is because football stadium avoids people to just walk across the street to take them into soccer game. Football stadiums also help people to interact with each other. The larger the stadium the higher is the income generated. The income generated by stadium can help the stadium sustain itself or develop the club football to success. One can said that, the improvement of stadium provide an additional facilities that will make the spectators more enjoyable. The stadiums also favour the business man of the area. The building of stadium also helps the area to improve the facilities or quality of the country even the economic growth. It is also said that, if the stadium is built outside the city, it will turn supporters away. I have decided to take stadium in Google earth. Now lets us share my knowledge.