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World Wonder Destination 1: Cape Town, South Africa

Table Mountain

What better than to begin this amazing race than on the spectacular Table Mountain, overlooking Cape Town and Table Bay, South Africa, dominating the northern end of the high, rocky Cape Peninsula. Its tabular shape results from horizontal layers of sandstone, exposed by vigorous wind and water erosion. The stark, scarred, 2-mi- (3-km-) long northern face contrasts with the fertile summit plateau broken by small valleys and streams. One will notice that this mountain inhabits its own climate. The famous, "Table cloth" occurs when this unique climate attracts clouds, forming a layer of clouds which looks like a table cloth from far. Table Mountain even has lush vegetation, with many walking routes. How do u get up there? With a state of the art cable car!

Table Mountain Angle 1, Co-ordinates: 33º57'28,76" S 18º24'25,84" E

Table Mountain Angle 2, Co-ordinates: 33º57'26,70" S 18º24'09,39" E

Table Mountain Angle 3, Co-ordinates: 33º57'33,55" S 18º24'18,86" E

Table Mountain Angle 4, Co-ordinates: 33º57'38,98" S 18º24'29,71" E

Large, flat mountain with beautiful scenery