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World Wonder Destination 9: Colorado, U.S.A

Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is an immense canyon cut by the Colorado River in to the high-plateau region of northwestern Arizona, U.S.A, noted for its fantastic shapes and coloration. The Grand Canyon lies in the southwestern portion of the Colorado Plateau, which is a large area of the southwestern United States consisting essentially of horizontal, layered rocks and lava flows. The broad, intricately sculptured chasm of the canyon contains between its outer walls a multitude of imposing peaks, buttes, gorges, and ravines. It ranges in width from about 0.2 to 29 km and extends in a winding course from the mouth of the Paria River, near Lees Ferry and the northern boundary of Arizona, to Grand Wash Cliffs, near the Nevada line, a distance of about 446 km. Its greatest depths lie more than 1,800 meters below its rim. In its general colour, the canyon is red, but each stratum or group of strata has a distinctive buff and gray, delicate green and pink, and, in its depths, brown, slate-gray, and violet.

Grand Canyon Angle 1, Co-ordinates: 36º06'38,23" N 113º14'22,64" W

Grand Canyon Angle 2, Co-ordinates: 37º06'09,72" N 113º14'14,61" W

Grand Canyon Angle 3, Co-ordinates: 37º05'43,26" N 113º13'22,98" W

Grand Canyon Angle 4, Co-ordinates: 36º08'44,55" N 113º12'05,74" W

Many colours and depth is below is rim