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The First Voyage of Christopher Columbus

Palos, Spain

Figure 2.1: Palos, Spain the home town of Christopher Columbus

Pointer co-ordinates: 37017'36.26'N and 6044'03.19' W

Christopher Columbus was granted permission and financed by King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain to find the spices in the Far East (

Columbus and his crew departed with three ships: the Nina who was captained by Vicente Yanez Pinzon, the Pinta which Martin Alonzo was the owner of and captained the ship and the Santa Maria of which Columbus was the captain and he was accompanied by 90 crew members (

The three ships departed from the Spanish city of Palos, near the Huelva on August 3, 1492 (

Palos, Spain

Figure 2.2: The city of Palos, Spain where Christopher and his family resided.

Point co-ordinates: 37013'51.24' N and 6053'32.86'