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The Canary Islands

Figure 2.3: The Canary Islands made up of many other islands

Pointer co-ordinates: 8043'50.94 N and 15017'47.27' W

Columbus initially sailed to the Canary Islands which is situated on the South Western direction from Spain (, where he and his crew gathered food and for repairs to the ships (

Columbus remained in the Canary Islands for four weeks due to calm winds, pending stronger winds in order for the ships to set sail (

He departed from the island of Gomera (which forms part of the Canary islands), but again was delayed as result of calm wind (

He sighted and remained on the island Hierro which also forms part of the Canary Islands and left the island on the 6th of September 1492 (

The Canary Islands

Figure 2.4: The indivial islands that make up the Canary Islands

Pointer co-ordinates: 28020'40.74' N and 16012'07.29' W

The Canary Islands

Figure 2.5 The Islands of Hierro and Gomera which forms part of the Canary Islands and the initial destination of Christopher Columbus.

Pointer co-ordinates: 27034'30.69 N and 17037'05.53' W