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The Bahamas

Figure 2.6: The Bahamas which was named and discovered by Columbus who initially named it San Salvador

Pointer co-ordinates: 23053'50.14' N and 75051'29.48 W

The ships headed in a westerly direction in the hope that the Canary Currents could facilitate the movement of the ships ( The three ships were at sea for about 27 days when the crew noted the westward migration of the birds and decided to change course in a more south easterly direction ( On the 12th of October and at two AM, one of the crew members, Rodrigo de Triana, aboard the Pinta saw what he thought to be a landmass (

Columbus and his crew then came across the Bahamas which Columbus called San Salvador (

The natives found on the island were friendly and hospitable to Columbus and his crew on arrival to their island which they called Guanahani (