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The fourth voyage of Christopher Columbus

The Island of Martinique

Figure 5.1: The Island of Martinique which Columbus named and explored

Pointer co-ordinates: 12031'09.66' N and 61023'10.86' W

On his fourth voyage, he attempted to discover the Strait of Malacca which he assumed was in the Indian Ocean (

On his fourth and final expedition, his brother Bartholomew and his son Fernando, who was 13 years old at the time, joined him on his journey to discover the Strait of Malacca (

Columbus and his family and crew departed from Cadiz, Spain on the 11th of May at the age of 51, sick and disallowed from entering Hispaniola, he set off on his fourth and final voyage (

Columbus set sail with four ships and his initial stop was at Santo Domingo on the 29th June 1502 and appealed for entrance to the port for shelter from the oncoming storm ( Columbus seeked refuge in an estuary nearby (

A hurricane struck and Columbus and his ships came off it lightly (