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Figure 5.7: Panama which was explored by Columbus

Pointer co-ordinates: 8008'57.50' N and 80059'52.29' W

Columbus then travelled to the eastern coast of Panama, and remained there until the gold in the area was maxed out, he tried returning to Verugua, but yet again strong winds prevented him from doing so (

He built a fort at the mouth of the Rio Belen on the 9th of January 1503, and on returning to Spain he encountered the problem of the ship being lodged in the river and the crew was attacked by the native Indians (

Columbus lost some of his men during the battle and decided to depart from the Rio Belen with the three remaining ships (

The three ships were quite mutilated and leaking as result of shipworm, but nevertheless they sailed on to Hispaniola on the 16th of April. (