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Sterkfontein dam

Dec 2005 - nice chop !

Sterkfontein dam is found near the catchment of the Vaal dam in the Nuwejaarspruit. This dam is situated in the Escarpment of the Drakensberg. The dam possesses a small area of the catchment which does not require the spillway because of its neglible natural inflow. Sterkfontein dam was built in 1977 and it is 69m high. Its capacity can accommodate 2656million m. The wall of the dam has 17million m of the materials constructing it. The 17million m wall is the largest in SA.

Image 1

The co-ordinates of image 1 are 28°41'04 13''S and 29°18'24 26''E. The image was taken using the 2D in the direction facing north.

Image 2

The co-ordinates of image 2 are 28°42'59 75''S and 29°11'40 39''E. The image was taken by zooming in with the direction facing South East.

Image 3

The co-ordinates of image 3 are 28°42'19 15''S and 29°11'40 39''E. The image was taken using the 3D in the direction facing the North West.

Image 4

The co-ordinates of image 4 are 28°43'55 04''S and 29°10'48 21''E. The image was also taken by using the 2D with the image facing in the direction of the South East.