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Accessing the ScienceDirect Database

Note: You can use the ScienceDirect database, without a username or password, when you are physically on campus. The database does not need a username and password because it uses IP Authentication to grant you access to the database. However, when you are off-campus, you will need to have a ScienceDirect account in order to access the database. This account will be created for you by the UWC Science Faculty Librarian.

You can access ScienceDirect at the University of the University of the Western Cape directly by typing in the following web address into your browser:

However, if you have forgotten the link, then you can access ScienceDirect by going to the University of the Western Cape home page. Insert the following web address into your browser to go to the University of the Western Cape home page: The following window will open up"

(Note: The above window could change over time, however, the logical path to the database should remain essentially unchanged.)

The easiest way to access the UWC Library is to click on the menu bar (see red box below) on the website:

Alternatively you can type in the following web address:

When you have done this the UWC Library home page will appear:

Look at the left-hand menu, and click on Information Resources (see below):

After you have clicked on Information Resources, it will expand to list sub-items, and the window will look as follows:

Click on the sub-item called Databases.

The following window appears:

Scroll down in the above window, until you see an alphabetical list (see below).

Click on "S", to go to databases starting with S. Scroll down to find the ScienceDirect database (see below).

Double-click Science Directfull-text (as shown above) to enter the ScienceDirect Database.

A new window, ScienceDirect - Home, will open up (see below):