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UWC Electronic Databases

The databases of interest are (taken from

EBSCOHOST Academic Search Premier (EbscoHost) abstract full-text

Annual Reviews full-text

BioOne Full-Text full-text

Blackwell Synergy full-text

Butterworths LexisNexis Direct full-text

Cambridge Journals Online full-text

SABINET Daily Law Reports (Sabinet) full-text

EBSCOHOST EbscoHost Web full-text

Emerald Fulltext full-text abstract

Encyclopaedia Britannica Online full-text

SABINET ETDs - Electronic Theses and Dissertations (Sabinet) full-text abstracts

GALE Expanded Academic ASAP (InfoTrac) full-text abstract


INGENTA Full-text abstract


Kluwer Online Journals Full-text

LexisNexis Professional Full-text

EBSCOHOST Newspaper Source (EbscoHost)Full-text

Oxford English DictionaryFull-text

Oxford Reference Online Full-text

SABINET Parliamentary Bills (Sabinet) full-text

SABINET Provincial Gazettes (Sabinet) full-text

SABINET Provincial Legislation (Sabinet) full-text

SABINET SA ePublications (Sabinet) Full-text

SABINET SA Government Gazette (Sabinet)full-text

SA Law Reports (1947 to date) Full-text

SABINET SA Media (Sabinet) full-text abstracts

SABINET SA Statutes (Sabinet) full-text


SpringerLink Full-text

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy Full-text NO PASS NEEDED