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Dams are the obstructions of crossway of water flowing and hold up the water. Dams sometimes refer to the reservoir which is the tank or the poll that can hold water. Dams are usually built by making a big bank that blocks an existing channel. These banks play a role by reducing the release of overflow of water down the stream of the dams. Some dams have a mall opening pipes that reduce the volume of water that can exit the dam. Dams play crucial role by supplying the community and providing the irrigation schemes with water.

The reasons of choosing dams because it plays a crucial role in life of plants and animal as well as human being. There are different types of dams. Some can be man made and some can occur naturally. The main reasons of constructing dams are because of the shortage of water all over the world. Dams play a role by conserving water as well as the species that are found in water. The other reason is that there are some of activities that take place there. For example fishing. Some of the dams which are found in nine provinces of South Africa: Albert falls dam, Boegeoberg dam, Haartbeesspoort dam, Klipdrift dam, Lubisi dam, Midmar dam, Nagle dam, Pongolopoort dam, Valkop dam and Welbedach dam.