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1. Albert falls dam

The picture above is taken from this reference:

Albert falls dam is one of the dams found in Kwazulu Natal Province in Pietermaritzburg. It is one of the dams which are deepest in South Africa. This dam plays a crucial role by providing water to the community as well as their Irrigation schemes. There are also lots of activities that are taking place at that dam such as fishing, viewing of games and sailing or marine.


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Image 1

Albert falls dam is shown by a place mark. The photo was taken using 3D. Image was taken facing the Northern direction. Co-ordinates: 20°26°53.35˝S 30º24º02.68˝E

Image 2

Albert falls dam facing the north-east direction. The photo is taken using 3D. Co-ordinates: 29˚26˚51.64˝S 30˚23˚09.13˝ E

Image 3

Albert falls dam facing the East direction using 2D. Co-ordinates: 29˚27˚.01˝S 30˚23˚05˚.11˝E

Image 4

Albert falls dam was taken facing the north direction using 2D. Co-ordinates: 29˚25˚47.69˝S 30˚24˚55.61˝E