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2. Boegoeberg dam

This is photo of Boegoeberg dam taken from reference below:

Boegoeberg dam situated in Cape Province near Groblershoop and Lang berg. It is built in 1930 by the Irrigation department. It is one of the largest and supply Vanderkloof dam with water. Boegoeberg dam provide about 7 560 ha (hectors) Irrigation areas with water. The height of the dam ranging between 10.7m and 622m long. This dam was built during the financial depression in order to reduce joblessness. ( )

Use co-ordinates: -99.0500, 22.2000 to get Boegoeberg dam in Google Earth


McKenzie, R.1997. Boegoeberg Dam. [Online] 1997 May 29UCT. [Cited 2006 July11]. Available from:

Image 1

Boegoeberg dam was taken facing the north direction using the 3D. Co-ordinates: 29˚02˚31.68 ˝S 22˚ 12˚15.8 ˝E

Image 2

This is Boegoeberg dam taken facing the north east direction using 3D. Co-ordinates: 29˚02˚32.13 ˝S 22˚12˚03.33˝E


This photo is taken facing the East directing using 2D. Co-ordinates: 29˚02˚44.86˝S 22˚12˚17.60˝E

Image 4

This picture is taken facing the South-east using 2D. Co-ordinates: 29˚02˚32.86˝S 22˚12˚08.62˝E