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3. Hartbeespoort dam

This photo is taken from the below reference

This is one of the found in North-west Province near Schoemansville region. It was built in 1923. This dam sometimes known as one of the attractiveness and enjoyment place. Most of the people visit this dam and have fun because there is a national park next to it. One of the activities takes place there is swimming. It carries water about 205 million cubic metres and It is about 56km.


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Image 1

This is the picture of Hartbeespoort dam taken using the 3D facing the north direction. Co-ordinates: 25˚45˚07˝S 27˚52˚02˝E

Image 2

Western part of Hartbeespoort dam facing north direction using 3D. Co-ordinates: 27˚45˚38.78˝S 27˚52˚14.00˝E

Image 3

This is northern part of the Hartbeespoort dam facing the north direction using 2D. Magaliesburg can be seen in the northern part of this dam. Co-ordinates: 25˚43˚51.22˝S 27˚51˚43.50˝E

Image 4

This photo indicates the Eastern part of the Hartbeespoort dam facing the north direction. Co-ordinates: 25˚45˚07.19˝S 27˚535.58˝1E