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10. Welbedacht dam

The picture above is taken from the reference below

Welbedarcht dam is one of dams which are found in Free State Province. It is constructed the Department of Water affairs in 1973. This dam is approximately 1 5245 km and Bloemfontein get water about ~1.157m 3/s. Knellpoort dam provide Welbedacht dam with water.


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Image 1

The photo above is taken facing the north. Co-ordinates: 29˚45˚58.24˝S 26˚53˚23.02˝E

Image 2

Photo taken at the southern side of Welbedacht dam facing the north direction. Co-ordinates: 29˚45˚09.45˝S 26˚52˚49.80˝E

Image 3

The picture of Welbedacht dam taken far away from the dam facing north direction using 3D. Co-ordinates: 29˚44˚52.42˝S 26˚54˚41.78˝E

Image 4

Welbedacht dam taken at the southern side using 2D. Co-ordinates: 29˚45˚31.81˝S 26˚53˚15.53˝E